Lash Line Pro Adhesive - Clear

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Can we say GAME CHANGER?!  ZERO Glue, ZERO magnets and ZERO fuss!

  • Replaces lash glue forever
  • Clear formula for fool-proof application, and a “no eyeliner” look
  • Applies in seconds - 3 simple steps: Shake – Line – Lash! Done and done!
  • Re-stickable for easy application, even for beginners
  • Precision felt tip liner creates crisp, precise lines
  • Non-latex formula that’s vegan, cruelty free, and fool-proof
  • Minimal dry time and a strong all-day hold that won’t damage your natural lashes. Our clear formula takes slightly longer than our black liner to get tacky. 

What is this magic all about?

Our Lash Line Pro Adhesive’s precision felt tip applicator makes it easy to draw a thin layer of adhesive onto your lash line, without the fuss and waiting time that’s required with regular glue.  Our formula is re-stickable, so even lash newbies can adjust and re-stick with ease.  Our Lash Line Pro Adhesive is perfect for use with your favorite lashes, and there’s no long drying time needed!  Think about all that extra time you will have in the morning!

How is our Lash Line Pro Adhesive different than traditional lash glue?

Great question!  Our formula contains styrene/acrylates copolymer.  Yes – big fancy names.  What does this really mean?  These ingredients function as a film-forming agent, commonly known as a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive).   Traditional lash glue does not work with this technology.  Pressure must be applied for a PSA to form a bond to the skin.  This is also the reason you are able to remove and re-apply your lashes without needing to add more adhesive.  Cool, right?

How do I use it?

Step #1: Shake, shake, shake!  Prior to use, we recommend that you shake the product for at least 10-15 seconds.

Step #2: Apply a generous amount liner along your lash line where you would normally draw your line, or in the case of our clear formula, where you would normally place your lashes.  Use 2-3 swipes for maximum adhesion, focusing on the outer and inner corners.  You can also add a layer to your lash band for extra hold.  Our clear formula requires 10-20 seconds before you apply your lashes, allowing time for the adhesive to become tacky. 

Pro Tip: Always ensure your application area is clean and oil-free.  Products like face creams, oils, and even makeup can cause issues with proper adhesion of your lashes.

Step #3: When you apply your lashes, ensure you apply medium pressure on the lash band.  Our Lash Line Pro Adhesive is pressure-sensitive, and will become activated with pressure.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your lashes are properly sized to your eye.  Excessive band length can cause issues with your lash corners lifting.  We always recommend you carefully trim this excess off for maximum hold.

Step #4: Removal is a breeze!  Just use your favorite eye-makeup remover or face cleanser to wipe off your liner at the end of your day.

VOILA!  Who would have thought strip lash application could be this easy!