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Are strip eyelashes safe to wear?

March 16, 2020

Hey Lash Lovelies! Let’s chat about the safety of wearing strip eyelashes.

Your beauty routine is important to you, and probably a favorite step in your everyday life. Your health and safety is probably just as important to you, too. (Same here!). With every modern beauty and makeup routine, a little precaution should be taken in what we’re wearing, applying, and putting on our skin - especially near our eyes. 

Today, we want to answer a common question we receive frequently, which is: Are strip eyelashes safe to wear? 

This is seriously such a good question. Firstly: good for you for being concerned! We love babes who are smart and savvy about the products they’re using. The short answer to the question if strip lashes are safe to wear? Yes!

The longer answer? Strip eyelashes are safe to wear only when you purchase lashes that are made from real, high quality products. At Tiffany Teal Collection, all of our lashes are made with real mink fur and cotton banding. No cheap or synthetic materials here! The best part? Our luxury lashes can last up to 25 wears if they’re taken care of properly, and cleaned after each use. We’re obsessed with beauty and glam that lasts.

You may be a little excited to try out some falsies now, but want to take extra precaution with using them. If that’s the case, keep reading to discover a few ways to be beautiful and safe!

♥ Helpful Tip #1: If you’re buying strip lashes from commercial brands and other stores alike, you may take the chance of eye irritation due to the synthetic materials these companies use. The definition of “synthetic” = chemical. No, thank you! This style of lash also doesn’t last for multiple uses as Tiffany Teal Collection’s do. 

♥ Helpful Tip #2: Keep in mind the type of false lash glue you’re using. Is it safe and made from higher quality, eye-safe ingredients? I have done all the research and trial and error frustrations for you.  I recommend and personally use our Duo Brush On Glue, it is the ONLY glue that I fully trust!  It will provide you all day adhesion and avoid those embarrassing midday corner lifts that usually happen with other inferior glue brands.

♥ Helpful Tip #3: Another step to make sure your strip eyelash experience is as safe as possible is to be extra hygienic when applying them. After all, you’re touching near your eyes. We recommend washing your hands thoroughly before application (or any makeup application, for that matter!) and using our adorable Lash Applicator. Not only does it make applying falsies super easy breezy, but it also makes sure the process stays super clean, as well. 

Through vigilant checking of lash glue ingredients, safe + clean application, as well as ensuring you’re purchasing the highest, finest, and purest quality products, you’ll be on your way to flawless false lashes that you’ll absolutely adore in no time. We’re so excited for you!

Still have remaining lash questions? Contact one of our lash experts and we’d love to help you out! 

Thanks for reading! Stay gorgeous.