How To Remove 3D Mink Lashes

How to remove 3d mink lashes

How to Remove Tiffany Teal Collection Lashes:

We recommend that you remove your lashes prior to removing the remainder of your make up. You want to avoid getting your mink lashes wet, so they stay nice and fluffy. There are two ways you can go about the removal - you can use eye makeup remover on a cotton swab to soften the adhesive, or you can proceed with removal without applying any eye makeup remover. Because you placed your false lashes above your natural lashes, you won’t risk ripping out any of your own lashes.

Using your thumb and pointer finger, grasp the mink lashes in the middle of the strip, and gently pull outwards. Do not grab individual lashes as you will end up with the hairs being ripped off of the band.

If there is any residual glue on your eyelids after removal, we recommend either using a makeup wipe, or using eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. This will quickly help remove any remaining glue.

Once your lashes are ready to put back into your TTC lash box for safe storage, we recommend removing any residual glue from the cotton band. Using tweezers, carefully pick the glue off of the band, focusing carefully to not pull at the hairs or at the band itself. If you do not pay close attention during this step, you risk pulling hairs from your strip lash.