How To Care for 3D Mink Lashes

How to care for 3d mink lashes

How to Care for Tiffany Teal Collection Lashes:

We recommend that your TTC lashes are removed prior to sleeping. By sleeping with your mink lashes on, you risk of the shape of your lashes being compromised.

Always place your lashes back into the box, on the lash tray. This will help your lashes retain their shape for easy application each time. The TTC lash box is magnetic, and will fully close, ensuring your lashes are both safely stored, and kept clean.

We do not recommend washing your mink lashes. This is because they will not retain both their 3D texture, and their shape.

We do not recommend using mascara on your mink lashes.
Mascara will clump the mink fibers together, eliminating that wispy, fluffy, 3D effect that our TTC lashes are known for.