How To Apply 3D Mink Lashes

How to apply 3d mink lashes
False lashes often come with the reputation that they are hard to apply.  Most people who have had bad experiences with application have chosen cheap synthetic lashes that usually are machine made and come with a stiff and unnatural band.  This is the number one reason that many people have been unsuccessful in both applying and wearing false lashes.  We have made it easy - oxymoron, right?!  Tiffany Teal Collection lashes are handcrafted with a soft cotton band that makes application a breeze.  Say good bye to the corners of your lashes not staying put!   

How to apply your Tiffany Teal Collection lashes:

  1. Carefully remove your new lashes from their box by gently pulling them from the center of the band.  Try not to pull on individual hairs, as they may become detached
  2. Sizing is key – pre-measure the length of the lash band by gently placing them on your eyelid and trimming off excess from the outer part. Sizing prior to applying your Tiffany Teal Collection lashes for the first time is key to ensuring our lashes are both proportional and comfortable.  Remember to measure twice and cut once!
  3. Once you have both measured and trimmed your lashes, give them a little bend so that they fit the shape of your eye better. TTC lashes will arrive pre-curled, but if you want to further curl them, be sure to use our custom strip lash curler.
  4. Apply your DUO glue in a thin layer using the brush applicator and give it around 30-40 seconds to become tacky.  Pay extra attention to this step so that your glue only gets on the band – not the lashes. This is the most important part. Really, let the glue have time to get sticky!
  5. Take a your TTC lash applicator and pick up your lashes in the middle, close to the band.
  6. Look slightly downwards into a mirror. Gently place your lashes onto the middle of your lid, near the base of your natural lashes. Wait, breathe, and then continue with securing both ends to the inner and outer corners of your eye.
  7. Allow the glue to dry just a bit more, and then gently squeeze together your natural lashes with your minks. This will secure and blend them together.
  8. Take a selfie and tag @tiffanytealcollection to be featured on our Instagram page!   

Need a video tutorial?  Check out our easy tutorial below!

Special thanks to @confidentbeauties for this awesome "how-to" video!