About Us

Who are we?

The Tiffany Teal Collection (TTC) was created to provide luxury quality lashes that are both affordable, and sustainable. Whether you are a makeup professional, or an everyday makeup enthusiast, the Tiffany Teal Collection has a style to suit your look. Our founder, Tiffany, has had a love for makeup since she was a child, and as an adult struggled to find lashes that complimented her look. She tried the many lash options available but was determined to create an accessible line for everyone. Let us introduce to you the Tiffany Teal Collection!

Tiffany Teal Collection lashes are cruelty-free

Our lashes are sustainable. This means that no minks are harmed when the fur is harvested, and with proper care, each set of lashes can be used up to 25 times or more.

Tiffany Teal Collection lashes are luxury

After months of trialing and testing, the TTC has created the highest quality handcrafted 3D mink lashes on the market. Our lashes are multi-layered, full of fluff, incredibly lightweight, and comfortable. With our 100% cotton band, our lashes are hypoallergenic, properly sterilized and sanitized, and easy to apply. Our lashes won’t irritate your eyes like some other lash brands and can be fully customized to the shape of your eye by simply trimming them. 

Tiffany Teal Collection lashes are made for everyone

We worked incredibly hard to develop a brand where everyone can afford to have luxury quality, and not have to make sacrifices due to budget. We believe in body positivity, and our mantra “be yourself today, you look BEAUTIFUL like that” is one way we hope to help you feel your best every day – regardless of the occasion.

xo Tiffany