Custom Phone Grip Duo - Option #1

Looking for an easier way to take those bomb selfies? 🖤 Drop your phone too many times while trying to to send that really important text?

We’ve got the perfect solution! 👇🏻

Say hello to the cutest phone grips you ever did see! Our custom Tiffany Teal Collection phone grips were created for all of you Teal Babes who want to spread the lash love!

Each phone grip has our logo UV printed, which is fully scratch resistant and can withstand even the worst of your catastrophic phone drops! No cheap plastic here! They adhere to the back of your phone or case using only the best 3M adhesive!

Each order contains x2 custom phone grips:

  • ”Lashes Long, Coffee Strong”
  • Our round Tiffany Teal Collection logo