DreamGuard Nap & Travel Mask

Protect your lashes in style with our NEW DreamGuard Nap & Travel Mask!  This luxurious mask is designed with a comfortable and customizable fit, including adjustable elastic straps with Velcro ends, that ensure your lashes stay in place while you get your beauty sleep!  No more crumpled lashes or surprises when you wake up! Only long, luscious, and fluffy lashes!

Its lightweight design is perfect for on-the-go napping while on the airplane, or wherever you might need a few extra ZZZ’s! It features two meticulously crafted pockets that cradle your eyelashes with a gentle touch. 

Pro Tip: NEVER go to bed with your Tiffany Teal Lashes on! You may inadvertently lay on them and compromise their shape! ☝🏻 Always remove them and place in their box when you retire for the day so they stay fresh and gorgeous for whatever your next day may bring!